Here’s the place to go deeper


A “book within a book” arrived when I was writing Keepers of the Field—a body of  guidance from a mysterious “Committee.”  Some of this wisdom found a home in Keepers.  But there was so much more. I began to compile this guidance into The Field Book, and would love for you to be among the first to receive this invitation to the power of coherent energy.

Sign up below and receive the  teaching from “The Committee” which I hope will be a ray of light in your inbox each Monday morning. Each meditation is a work of art, and most folks end up with at least one of the lessons posted somewhere around the house.

As the custodian of this material, I offer it freely so it can do it’s work.   I look forward to sharing The Field Book with you.


“One sign that you are on the right path is that you will encounter help unlooked for. The Field is something that is behind us, in front of us, through us, enveloping us – all things without exception. Your intention bends the gravity contours of the field, creating a path from all dimensions of the Cosmos to your door.” —The Field Book