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This is a spiritual adventure story—the journey of a man-child named Charlie Smithson who decides to leave the pinnacle of success and risk it all to become a true man. Charlie is led deep into the wilderness by a guide named Moses, where he encounters the mysterious forces of ‘The Committee,’ and is trained to become their messenger. He is then abandoned, and must go on alone toward an encounter that will either destroy him, or bring him to enlightenment.

Secrets of the Field was the working title of the novel that became Keepers of the Field. This short video takes you through the creation of the book from it’s origins.

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When a man named Moses appears at a little league game, nine year old Charlie Smithson begins a journey of risk, trust, and transformation that leads him into the wilderness toward an encounter with power, magic, and the deep beauty of the world.

A lesson from Moses frees Charlie from the morbid example of his coach and a life of despair in the rust-belt town of Prosperville. Fifteen years later, Charlie has applied Moses’ teaching to reach a pinnacle of success inside a prison of his own creation. With a pre-planned life awaiting him, the best part of Charlie has gone into shadow, and no longer has a life in his day-lit world. It is then that an invitation to end his way of life arrives from a mysterious Committee.

Charlie begins a journey northward into the wild, meeting helpers and guides along the way. He is strengthened by the loving friendship of a mentor named Moses, only to be broken by the challenges laid before him and the raw power of the wilderness. Time and again, paths of escape are presented, and Charlie is forced to choose. At each turn, he discovers the strength to move forward, offering all that he has to something which is yet unknown. Doors are opened. Each new door is a confrontation with a kind of death—a passage through which Charlie must walk to reach the ultimate victory over his small and separated self.  He returns as a man filled with love and power, and claims his identity as a Messenger and Keeper of the Field.