Keepers of the Field An Invitation to the Unitive Life

indie-excellence-winnerWinner of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award for Visionary Fiction

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Our Themes: Wilderness Adventure + Coming of Age + The Hero’s Journey + Mystical Experience + Connection to the Creative Power of the Unitive Field.

Keepers of the Field: An Invitation to the Unitive Life

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Ken WilberA terrific book that plumbs the depths of human potential, and points the way to an enlightened wisdom for all.

—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Bryce WidomThe story is impossible to put down— I was completely hooked a handful of pages in. Even when I did set it aside, it lingered in my dreams.

—Bryce Widom, Professional Artist

Marina FrancisWow, such a significant, wonderful read! Part strongly engaging and often roaringly funny story-line, part journey of awakening, part mystical adventure, all with a bright ring of authenticity and a felt sense of undeniable truth.

—Marina Francis, Creator of the Coming Home to Eat © Coaching Programs.

Jeff SalzmanThis may very well be the first great spiritual adventure story of the 21st Century—a book that will offer hope and real help to anyone who is on a personal spiritual path. It’s just beautifully done. I loved it!

—Jeff Salzman, author of the blog, The Daily Evolver and a senior teacher at the Integral Center in Boulder.

Mark BotvinickThis is reminiscent of works from Richard Bach and Paulo Coelho – a work of fiction designed to take the reader on a visceral journey that results in personal awakening.

—Marc Botvinick, Professional Screenwriter

Linda LawsSet in the remote wilderness of the Canadian Shield, this tale verges almost into poetic prose, as we are transported into the story to experientially know the beauty, the sounds, and the terrible power of nature as master teacher.

—Linda Laws, Business Consultant, Founder of Women in Transition.

Alexis NeelyThis book is destined to become a bestselling spiritual classic.  Nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s great!

—Alexis Neely, Bestselling Author, Mom, and Blogger

Marc PollockRoss Hostetter has masterfully melded real-world spiritual teaching with a beautifully written and spellbinding metaphorical adventure.  This powerful novel transports the reader into a world where extraordinary becomes ordinary…where the limitless power of life can be harnessed to move each spiritual journey forward.

—Marc Pollock, Businessman

Steve McIntoshHostetter weaves leading-edge spiritual wisdom and sophisticated cultural insight into an exciting tale of mystery and enlightenment. I highly recommend this jewel of a book.

—Steve McIntosh, Author of Evolutions Purpose and Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

Adelyn JonesI loved this book, absolutely loved it! I didn’t want it to end!

—Adelyn Jones, Creator of the Frequency of Love Project

Jeremy BlackThis is a marvelous book about the journey into the vast interior of the self, and the spiritual dimension that surrounds it. I place this book alongside The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for it’s opening of a new way of seeing things and The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman for how a grounded and very real person can experience a journey beyond their own imagination. Keepers of the Field is destined to become a modern “spiritual journey” classic. I highly recommend it.

—Jeremy Black, Serial Entrepreneur

Winner of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award for Visionary Fiction


Finalist for the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction


Contents and Sample

This is a spiritual adventure story—the journey of a man-child named Charlie Smithson who decides to leave the pinnacle of success and risk it all to become a true man. Charlie is led deep into the wilderness by a guide named Moses, where he encounters the mysterious forces of ‘The Committee,’ and is trained to become their messenger. He is then abandoned, and must go on alone toward an encounter that will either destroy him, or bring him to enlightenment.

Secrets of the Field was the working title of the novel that became Keepers of the Field. This short video takes you through the creation of the book from it’s origins.

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About the Book

When a man named Moses appears at a little league game, nine year old Charlie Smithson begins a journey of risk, trust, and transformation that leads him into the wilderness toward an encounter with power, magic, and the deep beauty of the world.

A lesson from Moses frees Charlie from the morbid example of his coach and a life of despair in the rust-belt town of Prosperville. Fifteen years later, Charlie has applied Moses’ teaching to reach a pinnacle of success inside a prison of his own creation. With a pre-planned life awaiting him, the best part of Charlie has gone into shadow, and no longer has a life in his day-lit world. It is then that an invitation to end his way of life arrives from a mysterious Committee.

Charlie begins a journey northward into the wild, meeting helpers and guides along the way. He is strengthened by the loving friendship of a mentor named Moses, only to be broken by the challenges laid before him and the raw power of the wilderness. Time and again, paths of escape are presented, and Charlie is forced to choose. At each turn, he discovers the strength to move forward, offering all that he has to something which is yet unknown. Doors are opened. Each new door is a confrontation with a kind of death—a passage through which Charlie must walk to reach the ultimate victory over his small and separated self.  He returns as a man filled with love and power, and claims his identity as a Messenger and Keeper of the Field.

Keepers of the Field book

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About the Author

Ross Hostetter

Ross Hostetter Ross has been described by his colleagues as a thought leader in the field of emerging spirituality. He has dedicated his life to to projects designed to bring about the next chapter in human evolution. Ross makes his living as a Lawyer, Mediator, and as a sought-after speaker and consultant for exceptional Lawyers and other professionals.

Ross is a lover of the outdoors, and as a young man was a professional wilderness and fishing guide in the Boundary Waters wilderness and further “up north” in Ontario and Manitoba. He and Mary have been together for 27 years, and are enjoying the best years of their lives right now. They have raised three children together, and live in Boulder, Colorado.

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A “book within a book” arrived when I was writing Keepers of the Field—a body of  guidance from a mysterious “Committee.”  Some of this wisdom found a home in Keepers.  But there was so much more. I began to compile this guidance into The Field Book, and would love for you to be among the first to receive this invitation to the power of coherent energy.

Sign up below and receive the  teaching from “The Committee” which I hope will be a ray of light in your inbox each Monday morning. Each meditation is a work of art, and most folks end up with at least one of the lessons posted somewhere around the house.

As the custodian of this material, I offer it freely so it can do it’s work.   I look forward to sharing The Field Book with you.


“One sign that you are on the right path is that you will encounter help unlooked for. The Field is something that is behind us, in front of us, through us, enveloping us – all things without exception. Your intention bends the gravity contours of the field, creating a path from all dimensions of the Cosmos to your door.” —The Field Book

Reading Groups

Three Muses with an Early Version of the Book
Three Muses with an Early Version of the Book

…wherever two or more of you are gathered… I would love to find a time to drop in to your reading group, book club, meet-up, or circle to discuss Keepers of the Field, the writing process, spiritual innovation, and the joys and challenges of the self-authoring life. We have a great study guide prepared for you, which you can download below.  Please fill out the contact form (below);  propose a date and time (with an additional alternate date and time if possible);  let me know how many folks to expect; and I will get back to you as soon as your request hits my inbox. Most sessions are by phone or skype and are limited to around 20 minutes, but if the stars align, I might be able to show up in person. It’s free, and my way of saying “thank you” for your interest in my work.

In Gratitude,

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